Your dream home in 5 steps!


    It all begins with a form

    Let’s get acquainted. The more we learn about you, the better we can design your home.

    Get free consultation

    Talk to your designer and get personalised designs and quote for your dream home.


    Pay the booking amount to Seal the deal

    Once you’re happy with what we’ve proposed, pay 5% of the final quote or Rs.25000 (whichever is higher) to book us.

    Finalise your home design

    It’s time to deep dive into the nitty-gritties. Pick your favorite materials and finishes.


    Start the order process with 50% payment

    Finalise the design, and your project is now off to a good start.

    Work commences

    That involves wide range of activities ranging from simple painting to Major changes.


    You're half way there. Your orders are raised!


    Pay 100% at execution milestone

    Manufacturing of orders in process and you’re mid-way through your project.


    Orders get delivered on-site and installation happens as per design


    Hurrah! Complete payment has been made!

    Move in!

    Your dream home is now a reality! It’s time to make new memories! Do avail the free professional photoshoot session of your #UnicornHome.

    Our Process

    How does it work?
    • The first task is to choose your dream team with the right account manager for you. While this seems like a simple task, similar goals lead to better outputs.
    • Wit Turnkey projects, you appoint a single point of contact for all your business, and thus, we are the top choice
    • The next step is the concept design with the creative team and understanding simultaneously what works with the production team. We render 3D models to give you a good look at your project.
    • During the 3D modeling, we consider floors, walls, furniture, and the lighting fixtures for the final sign-off with the client.
    • Then we further move on to the technical construction work for the project with the inclusion of refurbs and the proposed final plan
    • During this stage, where most of our designs are completed, the tender process begins, and further, after contract signing, we develop the construction program and the timelines
    • While the construction is live, we are continuously in talks to complete your project.
    • The final stage includes inspection & working towards defects management. We will then suggest remedies and take you through them.

    Trust Our Team

    Get to know the team that'll be with you every step of the way.

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